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Read about the Masjid-e-Ala or Jama Masjid in Srirangapatana built by Tippu Sultan, the great ruler of Mysore.

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Masjid-e-Ala in Srirangapatna

Masjid-e-Ala in Srirangapatna MysoreThe Masjid-e-Ala or Jama Masjid in Srirangapatna is another tourist attraction in the city. The mosque is located near the Bangalore Gate of the fort. Tippu Sultan built this masjid in 1784 after he ascended the throne of Mysore. It is said that he performed the first imamath himself. The mosque has lofty minarets that touch the sky these minarets stand on a high platform and has an open court in the front and a covered verandah. The minarets are double storied and octagonal in shape with pigeonholes surmounted by domes that adds to the grandeur of the entire structure.

There is a huge prayer hall, the Mihrab on the western side. There is an inscription that mentions all the ninety-nine names of Allah. There is a flight of about 200 steps leading to the top of the minarets from where one can have a splendid view of the surrounding area. Persian scriptures done in fine calligraphy and intricate ornamentation decorate the walls and ceilings of this Juma Masjid.

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