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A visit to different museums in Mysore gives you a glimpse of the ancient and modern history and culture of Mysore.

Mysore : Museums in Mysore

Museums in Mysore

Mysore is a city that has a very rich history. Evidence of this rich historical past is found all over the city in the form of palaces, temples and are carefully preserved in different museums of Mysore city. There are two museums in Mysore that are storehouses of its rich cultural past and have art and artifacts of the Royal family. The Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery or Chamatrajendra Art Gallery or the Jaganmohan Art Gallery that is housed in the Jaganmohan Palace is a treasure house of art, artifacts, paintings including portraits, murals and priceless pieces that are found no where else in the world.

The ground floor has painting depicting the genealogy of the Kings of Mysore. The first floor has paintings of famous painters from India and the world over. The second floor houses various musical instruments. The third floor has paintings of the Dasara procession in all its grandeur. A visit to this museum gives you an ideas of the great patronage extended to arts by the Mysore Kings. The Private Residential Museum gives you a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Kings of Mysore. On display are some of the rooms and personal items of the Kings of Mysore. Some of the objects from the personal collection of the Kings have been thrown open to the public. Visiting the museum gives you an idea of the grand life lead by the royalty and the exquisite craftsmanship of the people who built the various rooms and objects on display.

The Regional Museum of Natural History is a modern museum in Mysore that gives the visitor information on the natural environment and ways to conserve and protect it. The Railway museum in Mysore was the first to be established in India and displays the history of the development of the railways in Mysore and displays the Royal carriages as well. The Folklore Museum or the Folk Art Museum houses objects and artifacts of folklore from all over Karnataka and the tools used by different folk artists.

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