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The Mysore Railway Museum is one of the many rail museums of India. Read about the Rail Museum in Mysore.

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Mysore Railway Museum

Today there are number of Railway Museums in different parts of the country. But the first one was set up 1979 in Mysore. The museum is situated opposite the CFT Research Institute on Krishnaraja Sagar Road. The museum has a good collection of photographs and objects related to the development of the railways. As the museum was the first one to be established it set a good pattern for regional display of objects related to the railways. A striking feature of the museum is the Chamundi Gallery that showcases a distinctive and interesting collection of photographs and paintings portraying the growth of the railways.

Another unique feature of the museum is the Sri Ranga Pavilion that houses two royal coaches. These coaches belonged to the Maharaja of Mysore and give you an idea about the grand fashion in which the royalty traveled. Another interesting exhibit in the Rail Museum is the Maharani's saloon carriage that has a kitchen, dinning car unit and royal toilet dating back to 1899. Most of the exhibits in the museum were once housed in Mysore Palace. The first steam engine that was built is exhibited here and has been preserved very well. Among the other things exhibited here are steam engines, signals etc. The museum also has a battery-operated mini-train that takes you on a ride around the grounds of the museum. This toy train is the main attraction for small children.

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