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Cheluvamba Mansion Mysore

The Maharajas of Mysore built a number of ornate buildings during their reign. Most of these buildings were built for personal use. Almost all these buildings are intact to this day. Most of these royal buildings house a number of modern institutions of the city of Mysore. These buildings are magnificent examples of the excellent craftsmanship that existed in Mysore in those days. These highly decorated and intricately carved royal buildings, have been preserved and their architecture remains intact to this day, as a result of the joint efforts of the people of Mysore and the government of Karnataka. One such building is the Cheluvamba Mansion.

Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV built a mansion for each of his three daughters. This Mansion was built for the third princess of Mysore-Cheluvajammanni. The Mansion is named after the princess and therefore called Cheluvamba Mansion. Like all the other mansions this one too is spread over a huge area and is surrounded by gardens. The Mansion is beautifully built like the other buildings of the time of the Wodeyars. All the rooms have splendid cravings and are a very good example of the architecture of the time.

The Mansion is located in the northwest part of Mysore on the Mysore- Krishnaraja Sagar road, near the City Railways Station. Like the other mansions this one too is built on an elevated place and commands a good view of the city. Today this building is home to a premier research institute of the country The Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI). The CRFTI has preserved the Mansion and its grounds extremely well.

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